What We Have Seen

It's been three days since we've been home from Ghana and this time, post-trip, I've done something new and different. I've let down. After previous trips, my routine has been to spring out of bed the morning after and start working. There always seems to be more to do than time to get it done, … Continue reading What We Have Seen

Day Four: Puff Bread, Bed Nets, and Little Girl Dresses

Today is Friday. We are halfway through our time here in Ghana, which is hard to believe. We visited more families today, and made a stop by Ama’s business to treat the staff to Puff bread. The consensus is that everyone in Ankaase should try Ama’s Puff bread! I really wanted to start marketing for her … Continue reading Day Four: Puff Bread, Bed Nets, and Little Girl Dresses

Connecting Across the Continents

Today, it felt like Ghana - hot, sunny, and a little humid. No, actually it was very humid. Yesterday, Chris wondered where all that hot weather was that I had promised her, so today Ghana delivered it. Ah, this feels like the Ghana I know and love. This was a day to catch up with old and … Continue reading Connecting Across the Continents

Day Two: It Rains

We brought the rains - at least that is what Isaac says. I started this post writing in my little Wexford 50-sheet notebook with the rain pounding the window and a muddy red river of flooded road washing beside. We were traveling back from Kumasi, and as I looked out the window, I realize that when … Continue reading Day Two: It Rains

We’re Back in Ghana: Half of Day One

This is last night’s post, but the WiFi was not cooperating, so I’m once again posting after the fact. Just pretend it is about 3:29 p.m. yesterday, which is when you would have been reading this if all things technical hadn’t fallen apart.  We’re here! Four hours of sleep in 48 hours makes for one … Continue reading We’re Back in Ghana: Half of Day One

It’s Orphan Sunday: Rise and Go

  It seems perfectly fitting that on Orphan Sunday we are boarding a flight to Ghana - a country I was introduced to through the faces of five orphans. Three years ago I looked at photos of the children taken in their orphanage, and a few months later was on a plane to meet them. At the … Continue reading It’s Orphan Sunday: Rise and Go

Please Join Me for The Village!

The Village is this Thursday, October 2 and I want you to come! If you don’t know what The Village is, then here’s the scoop: some friends and I are going to share stories about connections that we’ve made with women in Ghana through Rising Village Foundation. If you’re going to be in the Tulsa area, … Continue reading Please Join Me for The Village!

Let’s Honor the Mothers Together

My mother died six years ago this month. I remember the Mother’s Day after her funeral when I sat on the back patio and watched a nest of baby birds with their tiny heads turned toward the sky and mouths open, waiting for their mama to return. “Lucky you,” I remember saying to them, “at … Continue reading Let’s Honor the Mothers Together

Ghana Day Six (Last Day): Meet James, Yaa, and Eunice

Our last day in Ankaase was great weather. Cool this morning and dry and warm (okay, a little hot) this afternoon. But definitely my kind of weather. I should be preparing myself mentally to return to winter snow, but I’m trying not to think about the weather. We handed out Rising Village t-shirts to the … Continue reading Ghana Day Six (Last Day): Meet James, Yaa, and Eunice

Ghana Day Five: Jubilee Dinner

About a week before I left, Kyle and I had the idea to throw a dinner party for the Rising Village families. We thought this would be an opportunity to build relationships and encourage them to get to know one another better. We also wanted to communicate that our work in the village is a … Continue reading Ghana Day Five: Jubilee Dinner

Ghana Day Four: Babies, Farms, and Betty!

When I land in Ghana, sometimes it takes a couple of days to emerge from the slight culture shock. I feel as if there is so little that is familiar here. I look around and wonder what we have in common between the cultures. I'm always screwing up: getting my greetings confused, shaking a hand with … Continue reading Ghana Day Four: Babies, Farms, and Betty!

Ghana Day Three: To Kumasi and Back

I’m not a shopper, but we trekked through the streets of Kumasi (no small feat, see photo below) and when we returned to the Mission House late this afternoon, we officially all dropped. Isaac collapsed on the couch, Colin stretched out in the recliner, and Eunice was slumped to one side in a chair. But … Continue reading Ghana Day Three: To Kumasi and Back

Ghana Day Two: Chicken Bones and Comfort Zones

Here is what I didn’t know about eating in Ghana: we eat the chicken bones, we don't leave them on the plate. I’m not picky about my food, but I'm not sure about eating chicken bones. Colin did pretty well and gnawed around on his drumstick, but this is really is out of our comfort … Continue reading Ghana Day Two: Chicken Bones and Comfort Zones

Dresses, Backpacks and Bibles

Colin says that I have a technology curse. I think he might be right. So, we had to drive into Kumasi today - our first day in the village - to exchange money and purchase a modem. It seems that every time I come to Ghana it gets a little harder to access the Internet. … Continue reading Dresses, Backpacks and Bibles

It’s Sunday, but Monday is Comin’

We've packed the cheese and the onesies, the flashcards, the chalk, the extension cord and the conversation hearts, along with just a few other items. Every nook and cranny of our three suitcases is filled, and we've redistributed until we're certain none of our luggage is over 50 pounds. We have luggage that is airline … Continue reading It’s Sunday, but Monday is Comin’

Such Love

You people amaze me. Today, I had all ages of friends coming to my door with sacks of school supplies for children and teachers in Ghana. One little girl bounced up my sidewalk with bright backpacks. Another friend who lives in a retirement community brought colored pencils, chalk and Cinderella flash cards. "It's just a … Continue reading Such Love

Dig Your Heels In

There is a great story that makes its way around the Internet about a commencement speech given by Winston Churchill, in which he stood up in front of a graduating class and simply said: "Never give-up. Never give up. Never give up." Then he sat down. Just so you know, that speech never took place. … Continue reading Dig Your Heels In