This Time, Last Year

On Friday, I’m leaving town. It’s not the best time for me to be gone because we run a retail shop and it’s almost Christmas. And yet, it’s the best time for me to be gone because it’s almost Christmas. Dad died one year ago today, so I’m going to Colorado. It was Dad’s favorite … Continue reading This Time, Last Year

On Mother’s Day: Two Women Remembered

There is a quiet debate these days about the politically correct word for mothers who give birth and then place their child for adoption. It's good to describe these adoption realities with sensitivity, but honestly, I lose track of what's in and what's out. As for my youngest daughter's circumstances: instead of being abandoned, she … Continue reading On Mother’s Day: Two Women Remembered

The Seamstress Apprentices

I wrote in a previous post that I don't sew. My mother, however, was a dedicated seamstress for our family and she made quite a few of my clothes until I reached sixth grade and put my foot down: no more homemade attire. The wide-legged brown pants she made me that year garnered no compliments … Continue reading The Seamstress Apprentices

Elves, Shelves, and Bearded Old Men

Santa has disappeared from our house. By that, I mean that we no longer have children who believe that Santa climbs down the chimney, delivers the gifts, and eats the cookies. Here's a secret: I'm a little bit happy about that. Once the older two kids finally swallowed hard and accepted reality, it was hard … Continue reading Elves, Shelves, and Bearded Old Men

Another Year, Another Sigh.

Well, here we are again. Another birthday for the third and youngest of our children - the now 12-year-old. The clock ticks and she insists on growing a year older every time we turn around. Honestly, weren't we just here? Didn't I just do a post about the 11th birthday party and how she was … Continue reading Another Year, Another Sigh.

Making My Own Father’s Day Card

I'm a cynic about the card holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day. I blame it on the fact that I am cheap, but the truth is that I always forget the card until the last minute and then have to pick through the leftover dregs. And in the midst of that, I grumble … Continue reading Making My Own Father’s Day Card

Let’s Grow Old Together

I almost fainted during my wedding portraits. Not because I was nervous, but because I bought a wedding dress that had not one inch to spare and I hadn't eaten for almost 24 hours. Which begs the question: if you aren't any smarter than that, are you really ready to take lifetime commitment wedding vows? Probably … Continue reading Let’s Grow Old Together

Time Flies When You’re in a Rut

Summer is coming, and if it's like every other summer of my adulthood it will last about three minutes. It seems like I'm buying beach towels one week and school uniforms the next. What has happened to the endless summer? These years, every season seems to be over before I've unloaded all my clothes and … Continue reading Time Flies When You’re in a Rut

Road Trips, Starbursts, and Ram: A Technology Crisis

At the risk of redundancy, I'm writing again about technology. My last post (too many days ago) was about my father's typewriter, which he believed was great technology. This post is about my own devices, the greatness of which I'm beginning to doubt. Five days ago, my laptop had an accident that resulted in a … Continue reading Road Trips, Starbursts, and Ram: A Technology Crisis

An Only Child’s Siblings: Cousins

I love this picture for so many reasons. It was December 29 when it was taken and the girls are in short sleeves and barefoot (gasp!). How many Oklahoma Decembers can our kids frolic in the backyard for hours in warm, sunny weather? Not many, and the key word in that last sentence is: in the … Continue reading An Only Child’s Siblings: Cousins

Advent Week One: The Manger Scene

When Alison was in her first Christmas pageant she was chosen to portray the mute and blessed Mary. I was so proud my daughter had landed such a plum role. Mary!  I helped her practice her serene gaze of love and told her to smile at Joseph every now and then. “Walk in slowly,” I … Continue reading Advent Week One: The Manger Scene

My Own Hands

This is perhaps the worst kind of blog cheating, but I'm posting something I wrote years ago. And a few months ago I committed the worst kind of editorial license cheating when I excerpted some of this for the editor's column of Mia. Don't leave yet - I have good reason for the reprint. I'm posting it because … Continue reading My Own Hands