About Me

Like you need one more thing to read on your screen. But thank you for landing in my small corner of the Internet, where I’ve been clicking my keyboard and hitting the publish button since 2011.

I have a degree in journalism, worked as a reporter for The Tulsa World newspaper, edited a quarterly magazine, Mia, ghostwrote three books, worked as a freelance editor and was a partner in The Leslie Group. In 2021, I left the nonprofit world and returned to my first love – writing. I love helping people communicate their stories authentically so they can send them out into world. Our lives are chaotic and ever-changing, but our stories endure. I offer writing, editing and publishing services with two other freelancers through storiawriter.com. You can also read more of my writing here.

I founded a nonprofit, Rising Village Foundation, which provides initiatives that empower refugees to become self-sufficient contributors to their community. RVF works with refugees who have been resettled in the Tulsa area, and immigrants who have come to the U.S. to seek a better life. I believe in welcoming these newcomers with resources that give them the opportunity to rise and thrive.

I would love to hear from you in the comments or email – lisa@lisatresch.com. I’m also out there on Instagram and Facebook.