I live, work, write, create and enjoy life in the city I grew up in, Tulsa Oklahoma.

My family and I live in a 90-year-old house that we rescued from the depths of despair in Tulsa’s oldest platted neighborhood near our vibrant downtown. I find lots of good material to write about as we continue to settle, purge, downsize and simplify our lifestyle.

I also run a nonprofit, Rising Village, that helps refugee and immigrant women assimilate and earn income through the creation of beautiful handmade products. My husband is an immigration attorney, and together we are learning how to be good neighbors to everyone at a time when good neighbors are urgently needed.

I’m adopted and have an adopted daughter, and so my thoughts on family don’t always follow a straight line, and my views on how families are formed continue to evolve. I believe that each family has a story to share and that those stories should be told and preserved for future generations. I help people record these stories to hand down to children, grandchildren, and other family members. I missed the opportunity to record my own parent’s stories, so I’m passionate about helping others catch and keep theirs.