Happy New Year! We rang in 2014 in the most anticlimactic way possible but that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to what it holds. I don’t really make resolutions because I never keep them. I just choose a word  that I will spend the next 12 months attempting to learn more about and live out. There were quite a few contenders this year, but I finally chose.

My word?


Not wilder, mind you. Wider. Or maybe they are the same thing.

This word kept pushing other possible words out of the way. It came up in conversations, I heard it in songs, it showed up in a book I was reading. It’s an odd word to choose and it requires some explanation which I’m not sure I have in great detail. Here is what I can tell you about my word for 2014.

The opposite of wide, is narrow. Much too often, I’m more comfortable and content to live in a narrow world than a wide one. I stay close to friends who think like me, and I keep a safe distance from those who have different points of view. It’s just easier, right? I like my narrow schedule because widening my scope of activities or experiences doesn’t fit in to that schedule. I get comfortable in ruts, which is another form of narrow. And when it comes to who I really love, I’m a little narrow. I’m finding that it’s easier to talk about love than to live it out. Again, narrow. Narrow also creeps into my life when it comes to how I think about myself. I don’t give myself enough room to try and fail, and so my life stays…narrow. God forced me away from some of this in 2013, so I’m going to keep it going.

If I go wider, then it may involve some things that look odd, confusing, reckless, or edgy. I like that, and then again I don’t. It could get wild. I’m continuing to pay attention to the narrow places in my life and find ways think wider and go deeper, which is another word I really wanted to claim for 2014. Kyle and I choose our words at the end of each year, and he was adamant about it being one word. That seemed a little narrow to me, but I like to play fair. So I reserved deeper as a kind of companion word that I’ll also be contemplating and learning to live out. But don’t tell.


I have some ideas about how this word may work into my year, but God is always full of surprises. I’m asking Him to give me the courage to look at the world in wider ways, to think in wider spectrums, to believe that He can work in wider ways, to love people with my arms open wider.

So that is really all I know about this word that just wouldn’t go away. I’ve claimed it and will attempt to understand it and live it during the next 12 months.

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