Restoration: A bringing back to a former position or condition


It’s been a challenge to choose a word for 2013, not because I couldn’t think of one, but because I couldn’t seem to narrow it down. Restoration, however, has been rushing around in my brain since October, so I finally decided I should dive into it. The definition above is straight out of Mirriam-Webster, and those nine words say everything about what this word means to me and what I want my life to look like in the coming year.

In the midst of discovering what it meant to live out my 2012 word, I descended into beautiful, but heartbreaking places, and connected with precious people who live in these places. I found out how uncomfortable I am losing myself in the needs of others, but yet how I am incomplete if I am only lost in myself. It’s an ongoing process. Sometime in the second half of the year I heard someone speak about how God is restoring everything to its original, perfect condition. He is all about fixing what is broken: hearts, bodies, societies, structures. He created perfection, allowed imperfection to enter His creation, and then began to restore everything back to perfection by descending to the broken world. And God has invited us to enter into His restoration project.

I want to think of each day as an opportunity to do this in both large and small ways: kind words restore. So does caring for the earth by consuming less. Speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves is restoration. So is choosing forgiveness instead of harboring anger. Everything that reflects God’s goodness is part of restoration. Of course, we know our participation in restoration is only the prelude to what is coming: when everything will finally be restored to its former – and original – condition. But in the meantime, I want to join in the restoration, and here are a few ways that I hope to do that in 2013:

  • Less negative thoughts, more positive words
  • Continue to consume less and practice gratitude for what I have
  • Don’t just speak of love, but love with selfless acts
  • Create beautiful things to reflect God’s beauty and creativity
  • Do justice and love mercy – even if it is terribly inconvenient and a little scary

I’m ready for 2013. I’m ready for restoration.


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