The Vacation Breakdown

I’m here:

It’s a vacation, and I’m taking it. Finally.

My ability to shift into low gear is hampered by my brain’s inability to stop circling around tasks and projects like a ravenous dog. I create them because I’m deathly afraid of boredom, so for the first few days of this beautiful Colorado vacation I was still in busywork mode. On Day Four I dumped the vacation tasks and projects. I decided to read books, take walks, enjoy naps, and sit on our patio table and have conversations. These are good things, and while they don’t allow me to point to tangible accomplishments (although I can list for you the books I’ve completed, but I won’t) they just might be doing me some good.

I used to think that boredom was a sin, but now I view it as an art. If you can do it without having a nervous breakdown, you’re getting somewhere. I’m viewing my boredom as a good thing – a kind of vacation breakdown. There is a rhythm to our days: lazy mornings of nothing, hiking, nothing, dinner and an evening walk, nothing. Now that our vacation is halfway through, I’ve stopped dreading the “nothing” segments of our day. Am I welcoming them? Maybe. I’m in the midst of one right now, so I really shouldn’t drag out this blog post. I’m going to upload a few photos and hop off. I have something else that I need to be doing right now. Nothing.

6 thoughts on “The Vacation Breakdown

  1. ‘Cool’ pictures…as to the scenery and weather. It was 90 degrees at 5:30am when I walked. Don’t hurry back to OK.

    1. Oh gosh. We sat out this morning at about 7:15 a.m. and it was in the low 50’s. I’m not hurrying back. Dreading it, actually.

  2. I’m so glad boredom is no longer a sin. . . but I totally understand the shifting of the gears from being full “ON” to “off the clock.” It takes some getting used to. It’s so nice when you finally get there, isn’t it. Love the pictures. It looks nice and cool there. 106 here – heading to 111.

    1. When the kids were little, I didn’t allow them to say, “I’m bored.” That was my junk. Now I have to reprogram them. Poor things.

  3. Awesome! I wish I was in Colorado now – – since it is 110 degrees in Stillwater today!!

    1. Yuck. It’s supposed to be 111 in Tulsa tomorrow. Praying for a break in the weather when we return, but I know better.

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