Photos from Guiping

We’re back in civilization and high-speed Internet. Thanks Juli for handling the posting while I was in no-man’s land.

The photos above are from Guiping. It was an amazing 24 hours and the pictures don’t do it justice, but here they are anyway. In order, they are:  Alison with the orphanage director, Alison at the finding location, and photos from the market. And yes, they sell puppies in the market. If you ask about it, your Chinese guide will tell you that they are being sold as pets. Right.

Tonight, we enjoyed a cruise down the Pearl River in Guangzhou. Tomorrow, we are doing Tai Chi in the park here in Guangzhou, then having a parent’s night out tomorrow evening with a Chinese medicine massage and dinner out. Very nice. Once again, it’s hot and humid and the air is a wee bit dirty (although your Chinese guide will tell you that it is mist), so we’re all ripe. Alison seems to be taking everything in, but taking nothing too seriously which is fine by me. She’s having fun with the other two girls and they’re making great memories. Someday, she will probably long to know everything about her birth city and we’ll have photos, videos and incredible stories to share with one another.

Goodnight from the city formerly known as Canton…now Guangzhou.

4 thoughts on “Photos from Guiping

  1. So here I am enthralled with this pictures, brought Grace in to show her thinking she would be as amazed as me. She briefly ran in, said “Cool Mom” and went back to packing for camp. Ha!:)

    1. Isn’t that the way it always is! Alison wasn’t all that amazed really either to tell you the truth. But I’m hoping someday it will all sink in. Hope you all are doing well. Miss you!

  2. Thanks for the blog…..It is amazing to see Allison standing at the finding place. I have tried to envision this spot for years and now to see it is very touching. What a beautiful smile she has as she absorbs all the things that you have told her about. I am so glad to get to make this journey with you through your blog. Shirley

    1. Thanks Shirley. Sorry I’m just now replying, but it was a tough go just to get posts uploaded! Glad to be back in the land of high-speed Internet. It was an amazing trip and one that Alison probably doesn’t fully appreciate yet, but I hope someday our 1,200 photos and hours of video will help her remember!

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